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"A One of its Kind Youth Centric Knowledge Enterprise"

We have a simple 4 point mission plan:

  • Spreading and sharing global awareness
  • Developing critical soft skills among the youth
  • Encouraging pro active participation
  • Ensuring social responsibility among the youth


Getting Acquainted with Us

One day my nation is sure to fly, with these wings which at present dormant lie. And whether anyone else is there or not, we shall be there to see it off...

These words by our Founder and Managing Director, Anansh Prasad perfectly summarise what this enterprise is all about. As a set of youthful, buzzing, eclectic and enterprising graduates who envisage a nation where every student possesses the power to analyse, debate, deliberate and most importantly express themselves, MUN World India endeavours to spread the spirit of the aforementioned among the today's youth through its various programmes, features and undertakings.

Having been founded over 2 years back, MUN World India now has 4 well received and structured educational programmes (LEAD, ARC, Enlighten MUN and Emergence) which help students develop different soft skills, confidence, conviction, awareness etc and has spread to over 1800 students in over 25 different institutions across India.

As MUN World India continues to positively influence and impact the youth of the country, its vision has grown with its outreach. We are soon going to release numerous other facilities and features for that will greatly benefit one and all while helping us fulfil our basic objective - 'Broadening Outlooks, Expanding Horizons...'

Our Objective

Broadening Outlooks, Expanding Horizons...

Most youngsters today tend to live in their own shells scared of expressing their opinions and views in front of others. Additionally, the much required conviction and self confidence is also lacking due to lack of exposure, limited global awareness and minimal development of skill sets which ensure a sense of leadership, enterprise and conviction in them.

All of MUN World India's endeavours work towards ensuring that students do not suffer from the aforementioned while getting to explore a world that was earlier inexistent for them.

Through our logically oriented programmes, we develop essential skill sets, increase global awareness and help the youth emerge from their shells. Our programmes help them broaden their horizons by unlocking a plethora of new opportunities and prospects.

Quite contrary to what our name might suggest, MUN World India is not simply about Model United Nations. While sections of our curriculum are inspired by skills developed through MUNs, our enterprise is in fact a youth centric start up which has been striving to ensure all encompassing development in today's youth through various media.

Core Team

We are a set of elements that have combined to cause a positive reaction...

MUN World India's core team comprises a set of distinguished individuals who are extremely well read trainers, thinkers and public speakers. Having won several awards and accolades at various public speaking, entrepreneurial events and conclaves during their college times, these individuals possess the quintessential abilities which need to be imparted to today's youth. Our trainers include university gold medallists, international level MUN and debate winners, official members of distinguished world bodies such as the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) and those with myriad other distinguished achievements.

With over 12 years of experience as participants and trainers in the field of skill set development, training, public speaking and organisation, MUN World India is made up of the most enlightened minds who endeavour to spread their knowledge.

Our core team is as follows:
- Anansh Prasad
- Harshad Rane
- Bhavik Muni
- Urvi Thakkar
- Muneeb Riaz
- Kartikeya Sharma

Educational Programmes

LEAD Programme

(Grade 3 to Grade 12)

LEAD (acronym for Leadership, Enterprise, Awareness and Diplomacy) is MUN World India's flagship programme designed progressively through of research, development and pilot tests. As the name suggests, MUN World India ensures that each participating student develops the skills of leadership, enterprise, and diplomacy while increasing his/her general awareness at the same time.

Some of the skills sets which students master via this programme include:

  • Leadership Skills such as Oratory Skills, Persuasive Abilities and Man Management
  • Entrepreneurial Skills such as Lateral Thinking and Decision Making
  • Lack of General Awareness about Global and Current Affair Issues
  • Diplomatic Skills such as Lobbying and Collaborative Problem Solving

LEAD is divided into 3 levels with 2 phases (each phase is 18 hours) and can be conducted as a short term as well as long term programme. Each phase and level is a combination of different skill sets and each session is a perfect mix of theoretical, practical and experiential learning collectively working towards ensuring all round student development.

LEAD has been successfully conducted for over 1200 students across India.

Enlighten MUN

(Grade 6 to Graduation College)

Enlighten MUN is a refreshing concept which is revolutionising the perspective with which MUNs are perceived by institutions. It is the only MUN workshop and simulation that specifically focuses on development of critical skill sets among students.

It is an extremely structured workshop paying major emphasis on the development of soft skills that students develop through MUNs while also helping them master various MUN procedures. The skills and procedure students learn is put to test on the final day when they are made to participate in a fully fledged MUN. Over 1000 students in different schools and colleges in India have reaped Enlighten MUN's dividends.

Apart from mastering the art of MUNning, some skill sets students master include:

  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Negotiation Skills and Diplomacy
  • Lobbying and Self Promotion
  • Improving Global Awareness
  • Public Speaking Abilities
  • And many more...

Unfortunately, due to lack of correct orientation and commercialisation of MUNs, students are not able to develop the skills that should be developed through MUN participation. Enlighten MUN is a comprehensive solution to this problem.

ARC Programme

(For Grade 3 to Grade 12)

School years provide us with the best opportunity to stand up and speak out. There are different types of public speaking events which include extempore speech, debates, group discussions, elocution, presentations, MUNs, debates and many more. Each of these needs to be approached with a different mindset and students need to be trained differently for each of them.

ARC (acronym for Actualise, Resonate, Cogitate) is MUN World India's certified public speaking programme for students from Grade 3 to Grade 12. Focusing on solely helping students develop their public speaking skills and participate in various different public speaking competitions, ARC is unique in its approach towards oratory, expression and vocal delivery.

The main objective of ARC is to initiate students into public speaking and orient them in a way which makes it part and parcel of their lives. While myriad other skills get developed in the bargain, our biggest victory has been in seeing so many ARC students who initially suffered from stage fright going on to emerge victorious in national and international level public speaking conferences across the country.

Emergence Programme

(For Graduate College Students Only)

Statistics show that only 27% of today's graduates are employable. The reasons attributed for this are numerous. For starters, though many graduates are academically competent, their inability to communicate their ideas and their lack of basic soft skills like lobbying, man management and team work make them an unattractive proposition for recruiters.

At MUN World India, we truly believe that every student has the ability to emerge from his/her shell with correct orientation and training. Emergence tries to help graduate students develop the necessary skill sets, general awareness, confidence and conviction essential to emerge and showcase their innate talents.

Organised as a short term workshop (2 to 3 days based on requirement of institution), Emergence provides students with effective training for group discussions and personal interview sessions while also helping them develop skills like sales pitching, self promotion, expression of opinions, problem solving and several others.

A sizable section of the workshop is dedicated towards helping students master the art of participation in group discussions and personal interviews which form an integral part of any job selection process.



In a short span of 2 years, MUN World India has been successful in conducting its educational programmes and providing its services to over 25 institutions across India. Some of our distinguished clientele include:

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

NES International School (Mumbai)

Victorious Kidss Educares School(Pune)

Vishwa Shanti Gurukul School (Pune)

Gurukul School (Pune)

Ajanta Public School (New Delhi)

Vidya Sanskar International School (New Delhi)

Mody Institute of Technology and Science (Rajasthan)

MPSTME NMIMS University (Mumbai)

Government Law College (Mumbai)

Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (Mumbai)

Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (Mumbai)

Sophia's College (Mumbai)

La Martiniere College (Kolkata)

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad


Get in Touch

Anansh Prasad
Founder and Managing Director, MUN World India
Mob: +91 9819334108

Bhavik Muni
Director, MUN World India
Mob: +91-9004185444

Urvi Thakkar
Chief Executive Officer, MUN World India
Mob: +91-9819860819

Muneeb Riaz
Chief Executive Officer, MUN World India
Mob: +91 8793064077

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